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One Shoe Comb [Black Hoe Son]

Why should i wash away the reign? Why me?

Hot Numbers 1 – by HIS Video

HIS Video uses my name to sell their products and surge emotions of violence, anger and hate associated with thoughts of me

Sex, Lies, and Videotape – Garbage

i do not know what we are going to do with all of the black people

Dancing Bazooka Death Threat (Her Ass Pan Terry 24)

The entire contents of this video are disturbing. i have sectioned out a very tiny portion for you to see and understand what is happening all over the world in the gay community

Michael Lucas attempts to Murder Mother!

I find Owner of LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT giving commands via covert communication.

Bring Out… “Your Dad!”, laughs Monty Python

The Attack on My Family is the Media "Holy Grail" Of Fun and Gains!

Glen or Glenda (1953) Death Threat

The official story of the origin of [Glen or Glenda] (1953) is a "famous" Hollywood lie. You will find my information difficult to discredit.


KNOT what his motions suggest. These actors are paid well for their "perfect speech" DO YOU HEAR A [K} sound? ?ASK" ... or ?"ASS" Total recall

Channel 5-2 Digital OTA Broadcast (Brooklyn, NY) June 29th 2018

I kept hearing my stage name “Rick Pantera” and decided to record the station. This is all of he audio i recorded. Related Images:

Unforgettable – S01E20 – You Are Here

CBS implants 13 million people with the inclination to stay away from me.

SLIPPERY WHEN WET (born slippy)

removing all of my clothing live in front of millions of people in Manhattans  on Time Warner Cable  Free Public Accesses Channel

Tilex Mold & Mildew

Do not breath Tilex Mold & Mildew; even if and (eye one two) make this absolutely clear! Even, if Tilex Mold & Mildew has a nice refreshing breeze.

Another Day A Mother Death Threat

I received a death threat reporting a death threat.

Death Threat from Comedy Central via Dave Chappelle

Watch his tongue "GLENN GLENN" are the 3rd and 4th words! Wow this Article and More on Glenn Patrick Glenn / Rick Pantera (Official Home Page) ! Welcome to THE TOP of the Internet.

Worse? How Can anything be worse? Godzilla! Godzilla! Godzilla!

i am a guy in chains. the "future enemy" of Gath. I and i family are being stoned to death in public by every 1.

Godzilla: Final Wars 2004 (1 Hour 25 Minute Death Threat Yellow Video)

PORNSTARS release Mind Control Weaponized Video's (monsters) and everyone tries to kill me before i find legal representation

Today’s Problem

My video featured , as are videos in most guy adult porn films are impossible to transcribe. Good luck with that! ()

Head Bangers 1st award winning interracial gay film

Head Bangers 1st award winning interracial gay adult Industry film thanks to of Glenn Patrick Glenn

Tweet-Actor Show ( Apr 18, 2012) Celebrating Reaching 50,000 TWITTER FANS! (video) 45 minutes

Before XXX, TV, Music & Movie Industries acted as a single entity to inflict perpetual pain & horror upon my family & i, there was Tweet Actor.

Tricky Dick is CNN’s Smoking Gun

CNN is not at all shy about their participation in publishing Jokes about me, laughing at my situation &  commenting on my tweets, during their guest segments though never mentioning my name specifically.   CNN drawing their line of absolution into the sand, as many have done before them is as strong an indication as […]