Paul Hoffman {Immediate Threat to My Life?}

I met a man in online dating named Paul Hoffman. According to  a large number of statements in a large number of  all male pornography videos Paul Hoffman is a body mod.  According to  a large number of statements in a large number of pornography videos provides him with the ability to inflict lethal harm. Paul Hoffman told me that a sexual partner of his developed cancer and died two years after Mr. Hoffman ended their relationship and permanently parted ways.

I provide you with links to both [view / download] many of these these video’s containing the statements as to which i refer . 

The voice(s) / moderator(s) ) in these  adult video’s clearly states (and i paraphrase the following information as it specifically relates to me).  Paul Hoffman is a murderous psychopath who hates black people and uses his augmentation  to rape, torchers and pillage his victims both physically and mentally.  I do not know factually how Paul Hoffman body mod works though i believe it consist physical surgical implants , DNA laser printing, changing to make posed position and all motions to feel most comfortable at his independent extrema sexiness, unnatural / permeant alterations of  his one bell curve to many bell curves ,  frequency of molecular vibrations attached to thought independently though out his body,  GENE splicing via laser printing , a lot of amazing  mindboggling things crafted to an art and as our thoughts affect how we are perceived his unconscienced thoughts are produced according what he consciously believes you are looking at. it is a very interesting process or what little have seen and have also been though the process as are most male porn stars without their consent or knowledge.  Paul Hoffman may also have a location needing filed through his urethrae and i am guessing a cat scan could kill him. a super light gentle tap between his spinster and balls on his body while while he is fast charging /most lethal is equitant to hitting him with a baseball bat.  what information i did not receive from the video’s in this page are from hypotheses the many porn companies that perform part of the procedure and  sold unknowingly as a photoshoot. some of us can produce force fields, alter time, produce images  all capturable on video. some of the unusual anomalies you believe are editing tricks for mind control maybe their thoughts and forcefields are the enlarged orbits of their atoms acting as an individual(s).  It could also be space satellite that monitors us and provides illusion in real time. 


It is my claim that there are 100;s of thousands if not 1000’s of millions of death threats produced some or all of them bombarding “all” viewers  of adult content which breaks downs everyone eventually if not from  the subliminal weaponizing of the content, Stockholm syndrome via the basic nature/reason pornography is viewed and if that does not make someone attacks me the peer pressure of it all coming from books, tv, films, video games blatantly degrading, and mocking me breaks down your ability to feel anything for me but annoyance and your ability to respond to my situation because it depress you, the  attack is overwhelming, and fear of being attacked if you disobey the laws which has destroyed my reputation, removed my friends and people are afraid of being exiled if found treating me like a human being in anyway.   

On this page are a large collection of porn videos apparently 100% dedicated to making certain that everyone knows  Paul Hoffman is the person who supposedly has detailed plans on killing me  after endlessly raping me. I open and honestly  tell you that Paul Hoffman and i always had consensual intimacy but how is that possible given his always on ability to know what i am thinking,  and inherently make what i desire his when within a given proximity of unknown circumference. 

The State VS Paul Hoffman, the actors, crew, etc

This is not a game. If the actors make official all statements against Mr Hoffman as stated in the video’s then charges of conspiracy to commit murder should be filed against all parties to include  but not limited to Mr Paul Hoffman, the  actors, the entities who commissioned the project, camera & crew tea, along with the video editors and obviously. Why? because this project becomes A COMERCIAL ADVERTISMENT for the murder of whom ever these videos are stating which member(s)  of my family were / is / are the target(s).

Paul Hoffman

Paul Hoffman VS Actors 

This is not a game. If the actors refuse to make official all statements against Mr Hoffman as stated in the video’s then Mr Hoffman should be encouraged and supported to file charges  against ALL PARIFIPANTS which include actors, the entities who commissioned the project, camera & crew tea, along with the video editors. However, Paul Hoffman specifically expressed that he was aware of the danger of long term exposer to his body mods and his partner may have  died as a direct premeditated action of Mr. Paul Hoffman. a full  scientific understanding of  how  Mr Hoffman is surgically  modified on a molecular level and all external devises, chemicals, minerals, ongoing medical  which he may use is obviously  warranted and fully understood before any engagement of any kind.    i want to know what i have been exposed to and what  it is possible that i may have been expose to.  how to handle a person who can control your thoughts and may be able to inflict mortal harm to anyone with in a unknown distance (which i expect is great) is also a huge problem a camera crew covering all of Mr Hoffman movements in great detail must be in place before engagements. If you want to know how to capture him if necessary i can do it safety however, since he is a pornographer… (HA!) Good luck with that and his mods…I am good with not knowing! Try not to blow up the eastern half of this county.


Perhaps this is all just another mind game of terrorist fearmongering to prevent the interruption of a massive game which fully controls the lives of my family all the way to choosing when, how, and where we die.

I have more video from other participants and i will provide them as i locate them. Am i the only person to report any of these video’s? If so, then you might wish to leave this alone and consider a bigger picture first. If you need something impossible to do done then perhaps a down payment for my service are in order. The file name are important. The images used for pre of the MP4 fiches are important.  all subliminal imagery in the video’s are important. Poses are important. everything.. is important. Example. file 54.22 : i am 54 years old. 2 2 may be a reference to my first and last name being spelled the same.


 I have only viewed a few of these files and i assume this entire collection is based on a single  theme. You may wish to download all of these  files

The Comments though maybe subliminal; i define as harassingly loud. this is because they are easy to hear when audio is compressed. 

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