Henry & Glenn Forever

July 23rd is my Uncle Henry’s Birthday.

July 24th is my Birthday.

July 23rd, 2018 I was mugged & beaten by the order of the New York Police Department. My assailant is determined to free my cellular  telephone from my hands.  Some people in adult gay films do in fact warn of a female officer and an attack up to about 2 1/2 years prior to July 23rd, 2018. 1 of the people has unusually thick legs.  The thick legs are reliant as for after the attack my legs began to  to harden and crack like concrete or and glass, My legs began to swell as this process slowly continued for nearly 2 months . It is my understanding the process was supposed to continue until it stopped or clogged my heart. IN Fact … MANY people spoke of a cop attack IN THERE Video’s BEFORE it happened

August 8th 2018 My

I fan of the Author of Henry & Glenn. Now growing in polarity and now campaigning … or as i suspect “Celebrating” Note the website domain name = iWillDestroyYou.com

Uncle Henry, Mr. Henry Clay Glenn, Died while feeling in relatively good health.

August 8th 2018 On a television show named SUITES  Season 08 Episode 04 “Revenge Per Square Foot” Premiers on Television. This Episode opens with a main character getting mugged in an alley for his cellular  telephone.  The show airs to soon to not have already been written and possibly already filmed. The Character is one who is one the most talented  lawyers of all time yet despised & abused by his pears.  It is a character based on me as i being degraded and threatened by the entire adult gay porn industry, exiled by the gay community, New York City Police Department  and shunned by Main Stream Media, Sag-Aftra, along with the casting agencies.  No official investigation has occurred. 

The likelihood that all of this is extreme unusual activity is directly linked to the attack on July 23th 2019 and (more likely then not) the  “murder” of my uncle Henry on, August 8th 2018 is virtually guaranteed.  This monstrous ongoing international FAMOUS attack  appears also to be the singular root cause of all of the problems I and my family are encountering . The sum of these events worthy of national news coverage points a finger at the news media playing an active role by refusing to utter a single word about all this of so many words… that words can hardly describe. 

Doctors, Hospitals, pharmacist, ambulatory services, New York Fire department, & even complete strangers are documented on video withing this (my) antisemitism awareness personal homepage acting in a way which clearly states my & my entire families lives are grave danger.