MIND CONTROL46 [Brain Washing / Mind Control] Channel

Hot Numbers 1 – by HIS Video

HIS Video uses my name to sell their products and surge emotions of violence, anger and hate associated with thoughts of me

soldier_hugedick 1,34,18 [Death Threat]

The voice(s) / moderator(s) ) in this adult video’s clearly states (paraphrase summation). Paul Hoffman is a murderous psychopath who hates black people and uses his augmentation to rape, torchers and pillage his victims both physically and mentally. Make know mistake.  Video is both an infomercial. This video is a publicity stunt. this video is […]

Dancing Bazooka Death Threat (Her Ass Pan Terry 24)

The entire contents of this video are disturbing. i have sectioned out a very tiny portion for you to see and understand what is happening all over the world in the gay community

Michael Lucas attempts to Murder Mother!

I find Owner of LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT giving commands via covert communication.

“RIP” & “TEAR UP” Rick Pantera (tom green show)

This Particular of Glenn Humplick, Tom Green, & Porn Star Rick Pantera . It is my vague understanding recently that a yellow video has something to do with radiation & or features feet & mansmells which I showed during my carer are perfectly natural & safe desires not to be shamed. The TV show Dirty […]

N My Shoes (NY City)

i name these recording 24 hour recordings. microphone is in my bedroom window. you can hear me watch tv, you can hear me talk to myself, you can hear me talk to you, you can hear the New York Fire department rampaging through the city, you can hear the New York Fire department sirens. you […]

Channel 5-2 Digital OTA Broadcast (Brooklyn, NY) June 29th 2018

I kept hearing my stage name “Rick Pantera” and decided to record the station. This is all of he audio i recorded. Related Images:

Unforgettable – S01E20 – You Are Here

CBS implants 13 million people with the inclination to stay away from me.

LA Orgy Breeding Ground Pt. 1 (XXX Death Threats)


Wake up red head we got Glenns Weenie

Tomorrow Morning Paul and I were going Kayaking. Instead He He and will "Wake up & Break Up" as announced by the New York City Fire Department in this video.


According to the recording i have the ANSWER is = Every one regardless if they want to or knot.

Aircraft Pilots Aim Missiles at My Home

an extremely loud subliminal broad cast began broadcasting across Brooklyn. they mentioned "my" name specific. Captured on Video.

BoyRide Volume 1 DEATH THREAT VIDEO Donovans Dudes(Adult Gay Video)

They call me and my father names in front of the entire planet. Masturbating men high adrenaline lock into permanent memory instantly

Government Subliminal Public Service Announcement

The sound a roaring firetruck should be the only sound you hear other then wind hitting the microphone.  Why is possible to hear the following words

Godzilla: Final Wars 2004 (1 Hour 25 Minute Death Threat Yellow Video)

PORNSTARS release Mind Control Weaponized Video's (monsters) and everyone tries to kill me before i find legal representation

Today’s Problem

My video featured , as are videos in most guy adult porn films are impossible to transcribe. Good luck with that! ()

“Yellow Video’s” is what you NO!

Porn Hub is pointing the finger at xvideos! ..why? .. i thought porn was porn. new laws need to be made and old laws need to be inforced.

Preview 911 beaten to death gang bang sotomy threat Part 1

This is the making of a police report against alleged Son of NYPD Retired Police Officer Antony Jacob’s threatens my life ...to beat and gang rape me

Mr Glenn, WE WILL KILL YOU given the opportunity

My birth date is the 24th and my recent post has a 44 # fire engine. at 2:44 pm NOW firetruck is directly next to my home flipping his sirens on and off.

Head Bangers 1st award winning interracial gay film

Head Bangers 1st award winning interracial gay adult Industry film thanks to of Glenn Patrick Glenn

22 Minute Death Threat (NEVER TOO BIG)

Once my name is mentioned I become the main subject. All comments, gestures etc, are assumed to be directed at me and spoken to me.