Sex Channel

Hot Numbers 1 – by HIS Video

HIS Video uses my name to sell their products and surge emotions of violence, anger and hate associated with thoughts of me

Dancing Bazooka Death Threat (Her Ass Pan Terry 24)

The entire contents of this video are disturbing. i have sectioned out a very tiny portion for you to see and understand what is happening all over the world in the gay community

Michael Lucas attempts to Murder Mother!

I find Owner of LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT giving commands via covert communication.

Cookie Mouster

A Giant mouse runs away with my cookie at Western Beef

BoyRide Volume 1 DEATH THREAT VIDEO Donovans Dudes(Adult Gay Video)

They call me and my father names in front of the entire planet. Masturbating men high adrenaline lock into permanent memory instantly

Another Day A Mother Death Threat

I received a death threat reporting a death threat.

Godzilla: Final Wars 2004 (1 Hour 25 Minute Death Threat Yellow Video)

PORNSTARS release Mind Control Weaponized Video's (monsters) and everyone tries to kill me before i find legal representation

Today’s Problem

My video featured , as are videos in most guy adult porn films are impossible to transcribe. Good luck with that! ()

“Yellow Video’s” is what you NO!

Porn Hub is pointing the finger at xvideos! ..why? .. i thought porn was porn. new laws need to be made and old laws need to be inforced.

On Going Problem with the FDNY New York City Fire Department

This is a new Post though it includes an earlier post now updated as to my understanding of new information.

Head Bangers 1st award winning interracial gay film

Head Bangers 1st award winning interracial gay adult Industry film thanks to of Glenn Patrick Glenn

Glenn Patrick Glenn’s Review of Rick Pantera

Includes scenes from Total Impact, Rick Pantera's Private Workout, Pantera's Pleasure Party, Robin Byrd Show Live, Private Dancer & the worlds first commercial #FootFetish Film

22 Minute Death Threat (NEVER TOO BIG)

Once my name is mentioned I become the main subject. All comments, gestures etc, are assumed to be directed at me and spoken to me.

i SAT i Saw A Death Threat! Is this guy cirrus?

Guy plays puts on a theatrical performance with his feet to describe what is occurring in a recording of, what sounds like artificially intelligent weapon


xxx cam model uses subliminal audio/visual to place a murder into action. Sexually arousal of the unsuspecting increases efficiency to maximize results

Secret Message Helped Me Find A Judges Secret Attack

judge sent inspectors to my apartment to see if my assessment is true. Inspectors Arrive With An Unknown Agenda & Voice Activate Weapons

Tweet-Actor Show ( Apr 18, 2012) Celebrating Reaching 50,000 TWITTER FANS! (video) 45 minutes

Before XXX, TV, Music & Movie Industries acted as a single entity to inflict perpetual pain & horror upon my family & i, there was Tweet Actor.

College Dudes (Review) XXX Porn Video – Sergio Valen Fucks Brad Mccallister

Glenn Patrick Glenn aka Rick Pantera shows you a few seconds of invisible Animations with in the adult video

Sadomasochistic CVS Pharmacist Fucked Me In Every Direction at Once.

NOTE at 9:18 that “is me speaking.(sounded way different at home) This is work the FBI should be doing as this woman is claiming to be one of their members though they have no members ,they have followers who find sexual release inflicting pain and totally controlling another person. = slaves. That desire is also […]

WHAT IS “PRE CUM” Defined by

a medical assistant sexually harass me during my surgical consult. Porn Stars from reenact the crime

Mugged & Beaten from order of NYPD Police Department

Without an official investigation having yet occurred, this is my understanding of what took place. a Double Murder Gone Sideways