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One Shoe Comb [Black Hoe Son]

Why should i wash away the reign? Why me?

Hot Numbers 1 – by HIS Video

HIS Video uses my name to sell their products and surge emotions of violence, anger and hate associated with thoughts of me

soldier_hugedick 1,34,18 [Death Threat]

The voice(s) / moderator(s) ) in this adult video’s clearly states (paraphrase summation). Paul Hoffman is a murderous psychopath who hates black people and uses his augmentation to rape, torchers and pillage his victims both physically and mentally. Make know mistake.  Video is both an infomercial. This video is a publicity stunt. this video is […]

Sex, Lies, and Videotape – Garbage

i do not know what we are going to do with all of the black people

America is starving

26 million Americans now say they longer have enough food to eat.

Dancing Bazooka Death Threat (Her Ass Pan Terry 24)

The entire contents of this video are disturbing. i have sectioned out a very tiny portion for you to see and understand what is happening all over the world in the gay community

Michael Lucas attempts to Murder Mother!

I find Owner of LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT giving commands via covert communication.


F.D.N.Y. E.M.S. Races up to me and stops in the middle of the street to make hand gestures at me as i leave my home. 

CAUGHT ON VIDEO!! New York City Fire Department Stalks Porn Star Rick Pantera

New York Fire Department Emergency Medial Team Races up to me and stops in the middle of the street to make hand gestures at me


A Black police officer Degrades, dehumanizes, assaults, and spits in my face for calling 911

Bring Out… “Your Dad!”, laughs Monty Python

The Attack on My Family is the Media "Holy Grail" Of Fun and Gains!

Glen or Glenda (1953) Death Threat

The official story of the origin of [Glen or Glenda] (1953) is a "famous" Hollywood lie. You will find my information difficult to discredit.

Crack or Jacks

Tasty Description Related Images:


what is the first dirty picture that the schools teach our children to draw This video will explain everything Related Images:

South Brooklyn Legal Services

Wednesday November 13th 2019 south @Brooklyn #Legal Services Regarding HASA @NYCHRA recovering what little money I receive. I mentioned hasa inking large sexual tattoo images drawn on my mailed envelopes courtesy of my case management team… this attorney only focused on simple easy acquirable legal information I cannot provide … ?why do people tell me. […]

“RIP” & “TEAR UP” Rick Pantera (tom green show)

This Particular of Glenn Humplick, Tom Green, & Porn Star Rick Pantera . It is my vague understanding recently that a yellow video has something to do with radiation & or features feet & mansmells which I showed during my carer are perfectly natural & safe desires not to be shamed. The TV show Dirty […]

VIDEO #09 Monday, ‎July ‎23, ‎2018, ‏‎12 02 PM ATTACK

july 23 2018 Attack on My Uncle Henry Clay Glenn Birthday who dies Aug 4th 2018 Related Images: