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Glenn P Glenn
Glenn P Glenn

Lets Make sure that you have the correct Rick Pantera. I am the Real Rick Pantera with no piercings and no Tattoo’s and a Multi-Historic Award Winner whose accomplishments are second to none. Great then let us get started!   If you are a well-educated individual then you of course are familiar with what most Civil Rights historians argue is the first and foremost important Civil Rights Curt Rulings in the history of the United States Of America. Thus, [GLENN] my family name {having nothing to do with my stage name} will be equally as familiar. [GLENN] is not only my family name; [GLENN] also identifies me as an individual with in my family unit. Yes, I know… It is an honor to meet me and it is truly, my pleasure, to make your acquaintance. My God given name unchanged from birth {first name, Middle name & Last name} is [GLENN PATRICK GLENN], I am , alive and in person, the youngest son of the Famous Black TOPEKA, KANSAS ATTORNEY MR. WILLIAM EVERETT GLENN, SENIOR ESQUIRE. You may have read that I am 52 Years of age, however, you cannot always believe everything you read. I am 23 Years Old for the 30th consecutive year making myself “the oldest 23-year-old male on the planet” (perhaps) a world record. Is not perception a magical thing. My role models have a lot to do with who i am and what i am and i would very much like introduce you to one of my role models. Mr. William Everett Glenn; Senior (Escquire)


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Mr. William Everett Glenn; Senior (my honorably famous dad) is a national historic treasure and has graced us, his family, with magnanimous pride and generous nobility as being the number one, (1) most important attorney of BROWN VERSES BOARD OF EDUCATION, because my father is the attorney who started BROWN VERSES BOARD OF EDUCATION and or, is where BROWN VERSES BOARD OF EDUCATION begins. The following term “Founder” is also applicable. In simpler terms (for the uneducated), Mr.Oliver Brown and my father Topeka, Kansas Black Attorney Mr. William Everett Glenn, Senior (Esquire), are the only two people who if removed from the development of Brown Verses the Board Of Education, there would be no verdict because the case literally could not exist.

My father also famous inherently within cultural America for being part of a black American family with a massive amount of land and receiving revenues via multiple oil wells on the Glenn Family estate. My father associated with very high profile individuals as he was also the assistant city attorney (prosecutor) for the Capital City of Kansas. Many if not all of these individuals believed that my mother was a white woman, which she is not, so imagine racial prejudice received improvement simple by meeting my mother and father together. When Mr. Oliver Brown needed compassion he reached for my father’s hand and received it. Mr. Brown is accepted by the NCAA though by means of my father. “New World Encyclopedia”, on the World Wide Web verifies the origin of Board Of Education whereas Wikipedia expressly claims to find no record that such person (my father) ever existed and Wikipedia immateriality removed my father him from the Wikipedia website the moment i mentioned what makes me special, different, unique, well seasoned , compaction ate, empathetic., trustworthy… being raised by the guy who did the right thing, dispute the obvious risks to him and to us. and changed America.


(hence my family standing in this  massive 3 sided media shoe paying The Bill)

This is a SAVED web page. An interesting fact. if i list a reference on the internet. they tend to die.. or become almost impossible to locate and is more often then not .. are removed from the internet.  

“New World Encyclopedia”,..on of the most trusted Encyclopedia [ever] …80 links down the page.

A few months ago when i published this brief it was basically a first link.

Talented & equally, if not more famous in my own right, I come from a noble family of historical reverence to the development of civil right and the advancement of black Americans. As a featured non credited SAG-AFTRA Union Actor I do appear in some of the top most popular family network hit television shows viewed throughout America along with an equally impressive array of Screen Plays adapted for the Silver Screen as Major Motion Pictures. I am currently a credited performer and I am in the industry which my father constantly pointed out to me and prouder son could not a father wish for even though i took the scenic rout.

There are some people who fear that their private sexually proclivities may become visible to their peers, and or, their employers should they admit knowing who i am and who might that be? the single most important and famous adult entertainer in American history, Professional Union actor, and the youngest sibling of one the single most important black attorneys in American history. You will find me to be an amazing person to speak with, should you not open the conversation with an insult.

labor day 2016 Rick Pantera Glenn P Glenn
labor day 2016 Rick Pantera Glenn P Glenn

About Me

Head Bangers
Head Bangers

1989 Ward Sylvester (Vice President of Columbia Pictures Television & Metro-Goldwyn-Mayerld) came to speak with me after one of my performances at an all male all Latin all nude burlesque show in New York City where I was performing. Ward & I spoke in person for about 20 minutes & it did not take Mr. Ward Sylvester long to figure out that i was… “The Glenn” of “THE’ Glenn Family.” The 1st Federal Express envelop ever received by the Eros, for a dancer, is what promptly happened next. Also quite promptly, were my feet on a jet plane for a 5 day all-expense paid vacation to Los Angeles where I stayed with Ward Sylvester in his home in the Hollywood hills.

Ward Sylvester negotiated terms for my 1st X rated film “Head Bangers” which wins an award for Best Sex Comedy and with myself along side the other guys with the longest hair on the front box cover. “Head Bangers” becomes the first Adult Gay Interracial Feature in the history of adult entertainment. Black men receiving [Equal Pay for Equal Work] was a concept completely foreign to the adult industry which was remedied as part of my agreement to do the project. Interestingly enough, I am the first black guy ever to achieve [Equal Pay for Equal Work] in the adult industry. I would later discover that Gay Black “SuperStars” in the adult industry were happy with receiving about 1/3 compensation as to their White coworkers. I would not place them in a role model  category because of that.  For me, [Equal Pay for Equal Work] was the absolute minimum I was willing to accept and not only did I receive [Equal Pay for Equal Work] but this film also made me the highest paid gay male in the industry despite my color. A title of which I am quite certain I do still retain to this very day.

“Head Bangers includes a Music video with Tommy Wilde (aka) Nikki Steele with the lyrics of which you might come to understand as a gift to me. I believe that music video is why Nikki was the 1st of my costars to meet a fatal accident.

The Adult Gay Industry is (as is television and mainstream film) the #1 most extreme racist entities on the planet. These industries are as angry today as they were the 1st day black people started to receive equal rights and they will burn this country to the ground before displaying equality over the airwaves or on their websites. I am the one person for whom both industries has launched an aggressive smear campaign . A topic for another page category.

Ward Sylvester passed away while i was drafting this page.

Grabby Awards

XXX Showcase (Adam Gay Video) Volume 2 Number 9 Glenn Glenn aka Rick Pantera   
XXX Showcase (Adam Gay Video) Volume 2 Number 9 Glenn Glenn aka Rick Pantera

The Grabby Award is Adult Gay Entertainment’s Award Of excellence and works exactly like any yearly giving award anywhere.

Each and Every category highlights a new winner every year. If you are not me then you only win an grabby good for one year. I am the only ONE PERSON throughout the well documented history of the Grabby to remain the most current winner of my award… FOR 7 CONGRUENT YEARS. That is correct. I won multiple grabby awards good for 7 years. Let me place that fact into context. 7 CONGRUENT YEARS is 6 CONGRUENT YEARS LONGER THAN ANYONE on “this” planet. Planet Earth

I was the first person in history to win Best Ethnic Performer. I am considered the best looking African American Gay Male in the History of Adult Entertainment. The Grabby also have a lot to do with popularity. For the first and only time in the documented history of the Grabby there is only one, (1) Grabby Award Active Category (which remained active) which did not hand out the award to anybody elser the following year. That category is “Best Ethnic Performer” which is truly just a fancy way of saying The “Separate but Equal” Award,

I had quietly retired from XXX acting well before the Grabby Committee awarded me Best Ethnic Performer. I was unaware of the honor until about 10 years later.

Here are my two Grabby awards and following are the (historic worlds first) statistic associated with winning these awards



Blackdraft by Catalina Video 1993 GRABBY AWARD #1 (Most Famous Shower Scene since Albert Hitchcock’s) Category: General Adult Educational Film

Hand Jobs (#4), by Catalina Video GRABBY AWARD #2 (No Toys, No People, No Problem) Category: SOLO Adult Educational Film

  1. WORLDS 1ST ACTOR to win Best Ethnic Performer
  4. WORLDS 1ST Black ACTOR to win a GRABBY AWARD for a solo performance (without a costar)
  6. WORLDS 1ST ACTOR (OF ANY RACE) to win 2 GRABBY AWARD’S in the same year

I know the rest of my biography is near by  and as soon as i find it i will continue posting on my this. new web site.

Ward Sylvester died while i was drafting this page. He was one of the good guys. I thought the monkeys were funny. i suspect my father has a dramatically different opinion. The BILL is been paid in Full.