October 19th 2018

 about 2 months after my uncle Henry Clay Glenn dies and I am attacked in front of police who recording it on phone before walking away

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This is an item made as an announcement that a multitude of carefully designed attacks are officially underway.  It will be 2 more years before i locate one of the players who  explain what which one of my family was attacked along with the secret body motions associated with the attack which were used to talk on camera about the crimes.  Television/Motion Pictures writers have been working a way for actor and directors to create “the crazy” as so should i understand enough to create an investigation policing arthurites have a slippery means on unqualifying my discoveries as fancifully as several movies may have already be top grossing items from which a simple claim that i view to many movies; can be made. Equaling NO investigating and my ability to stop continued attacks or any attack i know is on the drawing boards near impossible.  The Limon is responsible for uninvestigated death of my Uncle Henry the failed death of me. They want vegetables (each family family members best ability removed. I have permanent injuries  from the lemon of my legs. My brother Terry was also the number 12 and or the words  [one two]  spoken in order, Also “Terrible”. Terry fell inuring his leg.  doctors helping him finished the attacks adding the injuries to, inability to stand or sit comfortably for any length on time.  little if any ability’s to control bowels. no pain and or sleeping medication. the nursing home that was to to help his surgical recovery produced urinary track infection which the doctors were unable to cure for at least 6 months. as of this month he is now in a assisted living facility for which he will must sell his home in order to pay for. Terry was the hardest working individual in my family, and the best financial planner in our family. Terry is autistic.

Christmas (a few days ago) while Terry and I were talking a woman came into the room of which Terry stopped taking. He was unresponsive to my attempts to communicate. Gama Ray Burst of extreme power is in the peek of popularity.  Concerned he received a burst, which also BLANKS  and or reprograms you i need his time divided talking continuous to me. 1,2 minutes when he spoke slurred speech, 180 in personality enthusiasm, I immediately ask him for his new phone number.  He was unable to tell me and unable/incapable/uninterested  in providing me the number  though he told me the front desk would have it. (paraphrasing_ ) My brother Terry just received a cataclysmic blast of microwaves and he will continue to be helplessly abused until I can get anyone anywhere to begin a forensic  investigation into he audio and visual of the adults’ industry, motion pictures and television. The first that needs to happed is removing all products of companies i can show  pattern of attacks via their products each containing my name NICE AND LOUD  with a threat against our lives or conveying /giving orders to kill.  I will not tell Terry about what is occurring to him as my family believes i am delusional for thinking that  or anyone else is in damager from the people in porn films.

4 of my family lives on one block in 3 houses 1 house apart. Limon = the state of their home. They are already loaded with ~ quantum size robots with an black hole collector and  electron gun amongst other things. selfie charging delivering a releasing remarkable focusable energy  and  never ending debilitating  message ,  auditable, video, brain waves.)  I see nothing in that description unrealistic other then the fact that this is FUN for millions of people to be a part of… knowing.  My mother may never understand the pride that i accomplished for my family as dementia has hit her heavy and fast moving along with his sister in California.   I also understand that she and i are infected in a way that  she may die immediate if I go home.   spooky action from a distance with a giant blinking loud buzzing alarm pointing  to alleged suspect(s) who are holding their stomachs rolling on the floor laughing ad pointing.



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You protected & financed a crime against humanity. Did not know? Okay. Now you NO! Every reporter on earth want me dead.! NOT TRUE? Get 1 Reporter to say my attackers are bad people.

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Glenn P. Glenn | Rick Pantera My Family receives DEATH THREATS. Authorities refuse to investigate. i am doing what i am historic for (the impossible). I'm more than a legend. I am the dream of dreamers. I am also my websites only programmer. NOTE: Copyright restriction protects the death threat videos along with their owners making it difficult for me to keep this horror online for you to view. Death Threats on Video & Film are protected by the United States Government.

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