Hot Numbers 1 – by HIS Video

Hot Numbers 1 – by HIS Video

Paul Black Seven Op. ? Hot Numbers 1 – by HIS Video what are they talking about! They are talking about body mod surgery and showing you the technology A guys genetically modified can view outside the human rage of frequencies. what is possible to see, with a little shenanigans piped into the air and humans turning them selves into antennas is … their thoughts . you can see thoughts. you can also hear thoughts. They used this technology to attack me. They used this technology to gain your trust. They used this technology to in their video productions. They used this technology to make you hate me. They used this technology to get you attack me and my family. Normal Actors use the technology while filming. They have used the technology apparently forever. What they are not talking about in this feature; is anything harmless or fantasy. The thrill of the kill is showing me what they are doing and laughing at the fact that i am unable to stop them. I am in good company. The Government is unable to stop them. The Government does not want to stop them. Who do you want making the laws? After viewing this clip you understand the HIS VDEO GAY STUDIOS is a terrorist operation and supporting terrorist is not who you are.

HIS Video uses my name to sell their products and surge emotions of violence, anger and hate associated with thoughts of me

When you hear constant speech for which there is no context then it is covert communication and threats. The owners of HIS VIDEO need to be imprisoned for life and the actors in this films should be considered armed and dangerous. when you have a stickUP you do not need a gun because the people you are robbing will probably hand you their car keys, banking information and passwords and ask you to return their car so they can get their children to school on time; after you are done emptying out their back account.

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You protected & financed a crime against humanity. Did not know? Okay. Now you NO! Every reporter on earth want me dead.! NOT TRUE? Get 1 Reporter to say my attackers are bad people.

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Glenn P. Glenn | Rick Pantera My Family receives DEATH THREATS. Authorities refuse to investigate. i am doing what i am historic for (the impossible). I'm more than a legend. I am the dream of dreamers. I am also my websites only programmer. NOTE: Copyright restriction protects the death threat videos along with their owners making it difficult for me to keep this horror online for you to view. Death Threats on Video & Film are protected by the United States Government.

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