SR Number 311-04876409

Your complaint has been forwarded to the New York Police Department for a non-emergency response. 311 will have additional information in 8 hours. Please note your service request number for future reference.

SR Number 311-04876409

at approximately 3:40 a.m. this morning the fireman drove Their Hook and Ladder fire truck through my neighborhood (very slowly) blaring their sirens. IT IS SEXUAL HARASSMENT GAY AIMED AT ME VIA THE TIME HORNY FIREMEN it’s going to be a nasty morning for everybody WHO who have now impaired their improper sleep. note my address is 340 be sure to visit my website at GlennGlenn.Com

Describe the days and times this problem occurs

I am not person who can properly describe the weather. Try channel 12 news Brooklyn. Personally it is a shity day any day my life is threatened That is a thorough description of the days

Problem Noise – Vehicle

Car/Truck Horn

Date/Time Observed

12/15/2020 3:40 AM

Police officers, firemen, ambulance


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You protected & financed a crime against humanity. Did not know? Okay. Now you NO! Every reporter on earth want me dead.! NOT TRUE? Get 1 Reporter to say my attackers are bad people.

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Glenn P. Glenn | Rick Pantera My Family receives DEATH THREATS. Authorities refuse to investigate. i am doing what i am historic for (the impossible). I'm more than a legend. I am the dream of dreamers. I am also my websites only programmer. NOTE: Copyright restriction protects the death threat videos along with their owners making it difficult for me to keep this horror online for you to view. Death Threats on Video & Film are protected by the United States Government.

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