Michael Lucas attempts to Murder Mother!

Located in PORNHUB.COM under HOT ROD 2 I find Michael Lucas Owner of LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT GAY PORN VIDEO STUDIO’S WEBSITE giving commands via covert communication. MY MOTHER WAS immediately ATTACKED VIA DNA SPECIFIC BIO WEAPON.

She Spent several weeks in the hospital and lost a lot a blood. BLOODY CHRISTMAS! HORROR BIRTHDAY.




I have not found a LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT Video without the actors mentioning my name

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You protected & financed a crime against humanity. Did not know? Okay. Now you NO! Every reporter on earth want me dead.! NOT TRUE? Get 1 Reporter to say my attackers are bad people.

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Glenn P. Glenn | Rick Pantera My Family receives DEATH THREATS. Authorities refuse to investigate. i am doing what i am historic for (the impossible). I'm more than a legend. I am the dream of dreamers. I am also my websites only programmer. NOTE: Copyright restriction protects the death threat videos along with their owners making it difficult for me to keep this horror online for you to view. Death Threats on Video & Film are protected by the United States Government.

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