‎List of Grabby Award Winners 1992 to 2011 (REMOVED) from Wikipedia

his is The Authentic Original Document which displayed the List Of Grabby Recipients On Wikipedia on Tuesday, ‎September ‎29, ‎2015.

I was not aware that I was a winner of any awards within the Adult industry approximately a decade later when the Wikipedia administrator tried to prevent my page from being created and another user stated that i was an award winner which qualified me as a person of interest.

If you have found yourself click on lick recently for other websites on the internet you may have noticed a lot of false information. I should also inform you that 1994 was not the year I won Best Ethnic Performer. The correct year is 1993.

Be Advised that this Document contains live links which have not been updated since
September 2015

Who will be the first to ask me how i got this documented .

[advanced_iframe src=”https://glennglenn.com/wp-content/uploads/grabby/grabby_recipients.html” width=”100%” height=”650″ ]

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