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The “C” hand sign appears to start just be a verbal mention. “c” hand sign may be pulling a memory of where is is first heard.  A  memory of  blinding light on a  difficult to see through dirty window might not conscientiously surface but be enough to place a blinding divider onto your ability to  process what you know no be true.  I will do a “special” on Lucas Entertainment as I think you all should. Lucas does not appear to be a follower. He appears to be A Major Leader.  If you think I got this wrong then make a comment or send me an email.

Before I post the next conversation from hospital personal you should understand that the topic of the discussion are jokes based upon my height based on how much i have shrunk a result of people doing what you see in the pictures. The hand signal is an important part of this massive attack. it draws your mind away from the worst part of the abuse while at the same time subliminal reclassifying the truly terrible dramatizations and personification of me into humor and just having a little fun. It also place seeing me as week, helpless, a fraction of a human being, “tiny” person. That view makes you stronger and more capable  doing to me what you would do no no body else…. and lie!

Here are some visual examples of term [C] which is pronounced “Sea” Every individual flashing the [SHRINK] / [C] is a racist. The gang sign hand signal is something no editor is likely to miss. It is left in these video scenes by the producers / distributors / editors / videographers / studio’s / websites etc. on purpose.  This is the single largest humiliation champagne in existence. Now you will see this in almost 100% of every adult gay Video Online. They have successfully removed my humanity and most people treat me like vermin. This makes any legal support impossible. This makes police support nonexistent. This has stopped 4 major NYC hospitals from treating me. This has all but stopped my HIV support from the City. I am being stalked online while many near all of my online business accounts are damaged. Most all the products this year that I have ordered online arrive damaged. My prospect for finding another mate? Tumbler had a substantial amount number of guys humiliating me only they were not “in the thick.”  Now they join a more public staging area. This has spun everything up and they have been adding to their video’s [pop] the sound of a cork popping off of a small bottle. inside of the bottle… something that will harm me permanently.

As fast as i could download a video is as fast as could find another person making this sign. When a the white guys touch their penis its is common-to hear the sound of a stick breaking, sound of crunchy vegetables being  copped up with a very sharp knife  or heavy duty cutters snapping shut with tremendous force. Another thing I need for you to understand is this sign is bring made on purpose. It is a saw.  They believed that last year my transition into a woman would be complete so there are lots of jokes about me being a woman. …because no gay man will ever be able to have sex with me either by choice and or by large amount of fear, panic, & humiliating actions that will trigger when encountering me or upon certain actions which are forbidden. gay men see me as they would a woman …no intimate sexual contact. Me going on a date? Will they have a bottle poison for me. DO they really want to go out with me or  get me into a position easier to kill.

I have come across plenty of adult video’s this year which incorporate sounds which now replaced the promises of harm to anyone who breaks those rules. Also there is another ritual of sounds and body moment, out and blown away, discarded. these are excessively violent actions. Doctors are #1 people capable of inflicting the most harm & the most pain / attacking me & family and get away with it.. Doctors in both Brooklyn and New York have done more harm to both me and my reputation than another with the exception of these racist & the 1000’s of different men on video encouraging dominating millions of viewers with one constant unwavering unified message. Hurt me. Hurt My family. as much as you can & as often .. as you can,.

I am certain you wish to know what companies NOT to give your money to.  “…and i will”, this you-can take to the bank.

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Glenn P. Glenn | Rick Pantera attacks throughout my home page appear to be “dark web” [RED ROOM] related. People maybe receiving money to (publicly humiliate) & (physically injure) me and my family. I am a major historic (25 years retired) Adult Entertainer icon in the Gay Community and a SAG AFTRA Union . My father started Brown Verses Board OF Education for more than 25 years a massive anti-black sadomasochistic hate group produces and sell videos of them having sex while making abusive & intrusive statements about me and my family. I pay no attention until i was sexually assaulted on my job and then horrible humiliated by my boss in front of the entire staff for reporting being attacked. a few months later I was slapped in the face by my doctor at Gay Mens Health Crises after refusing his sexual advances (rubbing himself.) GMHC will no longer treat me for HIV. AND THEN a , Nurse at Brooklyn Hospital harassed me on the phone. When i reported it the hospital will no longer be my main health care provider for HIV. AND THEN i was attack & mugged in the street while traffic police filmed it. At the hospital (arriving in an ambulance) the emergency intake people said they were not allowed to help me and made horrible jokes... The same jokes as the massive anti-black sadomasochistic hate group. AND THEN I was struck by an hook and ladder fire truck while on my bicycle at a red light traffic stop. Next the fire department began using my street (in front and in back ) as their main corridor of travel and ran their sirens going both to their emergency locations and returning from their original destination. AND THEN the ambulance services began tracking my phone as for over 1 year I have been met (precisely) at corner intersections by both ambulance and fire truck running their sirens. I have tried to make police reports but the police refuse. Now I have found that the like harassment taking place by the anti-black sadomasochistic hate group have been and continue to occur in main street television shows and movie. I fear there is also a large harassment movement in Video Games though I am neither a game player nor doi have the time to explore that area as I am not fighting for my life. I continue to be jumped by strangers in public and last week police spit in my face, violated my privacy while performing a beastly degrading character assassination on camera. Also my medical records have been hacked changing my name to {Patrick} and I have video and audio recordings of police calling me Patrick before I discovered my medical records were hacked. I also have a recording of the hospital worker insisting that my first name is Patrick and refusing to correct my medical records. (my first and last name are legally spelled the same…”GLENN”} I have made a huge number of reports to the FBI and the FBI mostly hangs up in my face when on the telephone. More recently I spoke to one FBI Agent whom told me that the FBI are not first responders and that I need to lawyer. When I call first responders no longer respond and or refuse to make any official documentation of my need for police. For over a month I have been deprived of sleep as ambulances police cars and fire trucks drives silently to my home before flipping on and off their sirens underneath my bedroom windows and then turn off their sirens and scurry away like rats. What is occurring to me must be against the law. is where you may find videos and audio files. I cannot afford an attorney and this harassment is designed to guarantee that I may never acquire an attorney even if I could afford one. I have file nearly 400 hundred nose complaints in two months. the police ignore my complaints while at the same time the police contacted the mental health facility of the local hospital whom offered my their mental heaths services from (one of the hospitals) which ironically previously illegally canceled my services because of my complaint of being verbally harassed during a recorded phone call. SAG AFTRA Union will not speak with me about the international public harassment from the Television Networks and Movie studios Television & Movie Studio's, Magazine & Commercial Agents, Agencies & Advertisers, incorporate this story, in whole and or in part, into the bulk of their products. News agencies monitor the situation and act as a shield which prevents this activity from reaching the public at large. I am the one who makes the difference. I am the one who makes it different. I am the one who is always the one. I am the dream of dreamers. Television & Movie Studio's, Magazine & Commercial Agents, Agencies & Advertisers, incorporate this story, in whole and or in part, into the bulk of their products. News agencies monitor the situation and act as a shield which prevents this activity from reaching the public at large. I am the one who makes the difference. I am the one who makes it different. I am the one who is always the one. I am the dream of dreamers.

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