Massive Unprovoked Daily Threats from Hospitals, FDNY, & NYPD (Ongoing Problem)

when Joined twitter some … The Adult Gay Industry Raged at 99.9% making all adult video’s and clips heavy weaponized and the actors became  more involved in the verbalization of their intent to their viewers for the specific purpose of soliciting to the assistance of  amateur xxx video blogger  PURPOSE = remove me from the internet them, isolate me from society, force those not willing to actively harass me conscientiously to respond with aggression & parrot dialog.

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I love you all this much from Glenn Patrick Glenn aka Actor Rick Pantera
I love you all this much from Glenn Patrick Glenn aka Actor Rick Pantera

Please help me spread the words upon this page among the people and entities which may be able provide me and or advise me with no violent legal means of stopping their sadomasochistic rituals of humiliating acts upon me for which I reserve great concerns may manifest into physical acts should their invasion of my privacy, online stalking, and bullying both physical & cyber someday not be enough to satisfy their   sexual gratification, of dominating a masculine man who remains the fantasy of many. 

I enjoy a rare unobstructed Brooklyn 4th floor view over the city. Directly Behind my apartment is a street titled Midwood STREET. I am unable to see down to the sidewalk traffic level of Midwood Street for there is a building blocking my view.  The Brownstone’s and apartment buildings on Midwood Street are only three, [3] stories tall in back of my building. My building is four, [4] stories tall and I live at 340 Maple street [apartment d8] in a 4th floor penthouse in the back of the building. This makes Midwood Street (for all practical purposes) the back of my apartment. I define [directly outside my bedroom window] as any vehicle on Midwood Street adjacent to my apartment which, is in fact; directly outside my bedroom windows… particularly when a fire truck sits there revving their sirens and honking their horns while in a stationary position.  

The attacks start at 2:15pm December 14th 2018 and generated the following information which I am copying word for word from my complaint to the CIVIL COMPLAINT REVIEW BOARD Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 23:28:40


12/14/2017 service request number is 1-1-1499641686. I did report the following message


At Bedford Ave and Empire Blvd. in Brooklyn i was ran off the road on my bicycle by the FDNY fire truck today at 2:15pm.  As they went along their way. Their lights were not on, i was in the bike lane. I had my red safety lights on in the day time and they were right behind me. They literally passed me and turned right into me at the intersection. I’m an excellent rider and i ran into the side of the curb and stopped my bike and they stopped their truck also, so i know they saw me. No one came and spoke to me. Being a hero is no excuse for being a butt wipe.

Photographing Fire Truck Attacked Me
Photographing Fire Truck Attacked Me

Tonight, Thursday, January 11, 2018 at exactly 10:00 PM as I was going to the store a fire department vehicle with the number 41 on it was driving “slowly about 15 miles an hour” Northerly direction “flicking” their emergency noises (on and off) (on and off) ect…. on New York Avenue 2 blocks away from Maple Street. As it approached the intersection of Rutland Road (1/2 black from my home) it stopped making noise when they saw me. I was (the only vehicle on the block [on my bicycle] stopped at a red light facing south. They “stopped” at the red light at the corner of Rutland Road and New York Avenue facing north. They were apparently not in an emergency situation which required emergency noises. “Hence… stopping at a red light” They are running their emergency noises going both too and from their firehouse. This was a quiet neighborhood until I filed my first report. Now the fire department is making excessive noises for no plausible reason.  


The fire vehicle number 41 then turned left on Midwood Street where I imagine they would have “flicked” their emergency noises as they approached the middle of the block, which is basically directly behind my home. I feel that their “continued” aggressive posturing and impolite manners are tiresome and childish.  Please ask my local fire department to be more considerate of my neighbors during their needles noise making rants.  I am a public figure and I have also been complaining on Twitter @NYPD and @FDNY.  …. immediately after I make a post my entire neighborhood is rattled with emergency vehicle noises of that with rival New York City. Today from 5PM to 8PM it was basically constant sirens flicking on and off and using the most obnoxious siren settings. I am not the only person who lives in my neighborhood; hence the term, “neighborhood.” How about asking the fire department to be… “neighborly” when at all possible. Thank You.

##### END ####### CIVIL COMPLAINT REVIEW BOARD ######END#########



Shortly after I tweeted from my @RickPantera Twitter Account the same evening of the first attack regarding my being run of the road by the FDNY the people who attracted came to my home and started kicking and beating on me but not with their fist & shoes but with the siren of their fire truck .

 The “first” fire truck sat in a position directly outside my bedroom windows and revved up their fire truck siren to its highest frequency and then let their sirens drop to the furthest lowest quietest position. That takes about … oh gosh. a long time. A very very VERY long time.  it remains unmoving for about 10 minutes.

"FOOT FETISH" is the First all Full Length Foot Featured Commercially Published Film. The Genre is named after this film
“FOOT FETISH” is the First all Full Length Foot Featured Commercially Published Film. The Genre is named after this film

  I honestly did not know that allowing the fire trucks siren to drop as far as it could go was an manual option. Personally, I cannot imagine why such an option exist. Unfortunately, I know it exist now.

I could hear clearly the stereotypical noises which the truck makes, like the air pumps releasing pressure and the rattling of the active engine.  It was, in fact, this event which “taught” me that every close fire truck recreating this unusual siren event was actually a sexual domination. There was immediately an increases of fire engine sirens and other personally undefinable emergency service sirens activity from that moment and time” … in all honesty… every single hour.  What was even more terrifying was the excessive horn honking along with the unusual siren patterns as they drove past the corners of my block and down the street behind my bedroom windows.  There was also a car horn on MIDWOOD STREET which would also honk unusual patterns odd enough to disrupt any concentration and conversation. I now imaging that there is a fire department employee and or a police officer on that particular block.

   It did not take me long to associate the excessive sirens and excessive horn honking with excessive sirens with the minute hand position of a clock for the noises which caught my attention were extremely loud and targeting my location. SO loud in fact that it was impossible to concentrate on any computer / job related activity (programming, web design, research, etc) which requires tremendous amount of concentration. What was there to do but look at the time.

1 of many Specific Examples.. at 7:24 am / pm; the month and date of my birth… = loud penetrating horns honking sirens blowing. one time on the clock everyday which vehicle drove by and honked their horns was 9:58 AM / PM this was a time I could not make since of until I saw an advertisement for a popular tv show titled Mr. Robot which uses numbers and letters as titles. Number 5 is can me a letter “S” or the word “FIGHT” etc, number 9 the letter “G” and the number 8 = “HATE”

When a fire truck drive by my house hounding its horn 4 or 5 times a second letting the frequency of its other hors drop all the way down it always corresponded to number on the digital computer clock which had meaning. Another example 1:28AM = one to hate. Each time I filed a report I was met with an dramatic and relentless increases of siren and horns noises which came from multitude of vehicles.

In the 10 years which I have lived at my current address there was never a siren so close so loud it woke me up. Until I filed my report then I was all of the time. Even sirens in the distance were “unnoticeable” until I continued filing 311 noise complaints. Now opening the window in my home, you would think that Brooklyn is the most dangerous place on earth with emergency vehicle always in a critical pursuit of a terrorist, building constantly being burned down; a place no one wants visit.  Before I started complaining…

Someone is looking at my ass. My ass can stop traffic!
Someone is looking at my ass. My ass can stop traffic!

there was silence though out the night and even the day was quite uneventful and I can still recall the mass amount of silence and bliss.

FDNY Constant and Unyielding Sadomasochistic Attacks

FDNY  constant and unyielding sadomasochistic  attacks were so predictable by the numbers on the clock catching them red handed required me to do my laundry at the corner 24-hour laundry of my block during a time a known offending event would happen so I could see if I was over reacting…. The result… no emergency event just running sirens and honking horns at my corner and then normal as they continued.  I filed a 311 complaint for that. Another I witness time I road my bicycle to the store during the prediction of siren threat on the opposite corner other side from Nostrand Avenue.  How long did it take me to see an event, = 0 minutes? A small red emergency vehicle with a large number on the side was heading toward Maple Street on New York Ave about 4 blocks from my house. It had its light on running crazy pattern of sirens and honking its horn. I was stopped at a red light at New York Avenue and Midwood Street. My bike was the only vehicle on that street. I sat at red light watching the red truck approach the red light. When they recognized me at the light they turned off their sirens. They then turned onto Midwood where I presume they would have made extra noise as they drove by bedroom.

labor day 2016 Rick Pantera Glenn P Glenn
labor day 2016 Rick Pantera Glenn P Glenn

Next… helicopters started flying over and or near my apartment every day then they started hovering for hours on end in positions when provided a direct noise and a reflected noise from tall apartment building on Nostrand Ave and or New York Ave depending on which of the two, [2] locations they chose to hover. A simple trick if you are a decent pool player.

This escalated into 3 separate events in 3 separate offending helicopter event categories. An extravagant use of taxpayer money to constantly terrorize one individual. The

911 ON the 24th day CHRISTMAS’S EVE 2017

 On the 24th  day I grabbed my bike for a spin.  My craving was special go out come back in.  Walking down 4 flights of stairs I could tell. Something was seriously wrong; “what’s that smell?” I pulled out my cell phone and dialed 911. It smells like a chimney flue there is something wrong.  I hung up the phone and I walked toward the street.  FDNY 249 was not asleep.   As if Ah Hail Satan their truck did appear. They made not one sound and I thought, “Gosh that is weird?”


This is an event for which I thought I would report much sooner however I have not reported this incident You will please consider this 1st hand account of an attack which required the NYPD, FDNY, an unmarked vehicle, and a street gang size organized group of individuals in a up to twelve, (12) other vehicles. A story for which I have drawn some conclusions after returning home from an early morning bike ride. I am most certain that although I can no longer provide an exact time I am certain GPS and vehicle video camera, if installed, can provide you with collaboration as to the whereabouts the fire trucks of New York Engine Company 248 during my vague time frame. Store security footage of the two stores which I patronize can provide you also information as to the exact times of my whereabouts which may in turn help you know which outside footage may be available to identify the person on Rogers avenue who approached me on my bike while I was stopped at a red light.

Fire Station New York Engine Company 248 Lynch Mob

(I must acquire the date from my twitter)

I was immediately followed by a police car and a fire truck with full lights and sirens running who forced me off of the road and into a tiny pushed out / misaligned section of a construction barricade which lines the streets today as it apparently did which Google made the street view maps which I have included inside and attached to my report.

According to google maps which shows an image from September 2017 I was forced off the road at the address 1585 Nostrand Avenue and I can assure you that these barricades allows the safety of one person on a bicycle fleeing for their life in fear of their safety. 

Rick Pantera 2-26-2013 - Official Tweeter at Anderson Cooper Live Show
Rick Pantera 2-26-2013 – Official Tweeter at Anderson Cooper Live Show

When I was on Nostrand Ave crossing the street of Snider Avenue absolutely noticed the Fire Station New York Engine Company 248. I have ridden my bicycle by Fire Station New York Engine Company 248 many time traveling on Nostrand Ave and not once did I ever know Fire Station New York Engine Company 248 was located there. However, Fire Station New York Engine Company 248 had a multitude of outside lights on and there people outside and around the truck as if they were all waiting for me and some of them were looking toward Nostrand Avenue. I distinctly remember thinking, “no way! they look like they are going to chase me” Yes, I noticed the lot of them outside like a giant college frat house fraternity party. That was the only other thought I had regarding all of the light on and the people outside the Fire Station New York Engine Company 248.My other thought. I noticed Fire Station New York Engine Company 248 because I believe they wanted me to notice them. I continued traveling down Nostrand Avenue.  Everything then happened very quickly. They turned on their sirens and when I looked to see I saw the fire truck sitting at the corner of Nostrand Avenue and Snider Avenue. they went the wrong direction on Snider Avenue from their firehouse and was stopped on Snider Avenue at the corner of Nostrand Ave turning. Thy must have waited for the police car (which I never noticed anywhere until it turned its siren and lights on and was traveling in front of the firetruck.  I believe if I had been alerted of the situation before Albemarle Road then I would have turn into Albemarle Road to let them pass but they waited until that option was unavailable to me before sires blaring.

Now I am looking at my options of on pulling over but there were no options. They were using a 3rd unmarked car which paced me 90 degrees to my right.  I was in the buss lane. The unmarked car was in the lane directly next to me. The lane next to the unmarked car was filled with parked cars, as it is in the street map visual Included.  The lane to my right was nonexistent due to a barricade. I started to go as fast as possible and pull over into the left lanes as the car next to me had slowed down and I was confident it was stopping. I was going to pull over to the left lane when the car stopped so I was be in the same lane as the car which was my safest

Rick Skye - Slice O’ Minnelli - Rick Pantera
Rick Skye – Slice O’ Minnelli – Rick Pantera

option for everybody.  I am now peddling fast trying looking behind me to see where is the police, where is the car slowing down ready to act on my decision.  NO, the car slowing down suddenly increased speed and was again directly 90 degrees to me left.  The police car behind me had closed it distance considerably it was now 2 car lengths behind me which seamed like quite the emergency and it continued closing in behind me. The car to my left now seams to be going faster than I. Looking behind me once again I can see the look on the police officers face so his inside lights must have been on regardless he was no longer 2 car lengths behind but seemingly pushing me to get out of the way.  It appeared to me the car on my left was going to speed out but it slowed down again keeping directly to me left. Turning my head forward again I was not going to make it anywhere of my pre-chosen safe locations and the look on the police officers face … he looked very angry and drove with perfect impatience.  The car to me left was going slight faster than I and I remember thinking ther driver of that car was acting irrationally which it had to do to make my soled plan to pull in front it invalid. Now all that I wanted was to save lives and that may not happen if I can not find another way to let the angry pushy police man pass me and there it was; a small indent to my right. I immediate turned into the tiny indent in the barricades braking basically instantly taking a few steps backwards to nestle into the tiny spot sliding my bicycle to the right as far as it could go . the police man then slowed down and looked at me strangely while he passed. What happened next placed an exclamation mark next to a question mark in my head.  The fire truck then slowed down and turned right onto Tilden Avenue. The unmarked car remained directly to my left. That car could have easily gone faster to find a safe location to pull over or it could have sped up and pulled in front of me then slowed down and stopped which would have protected me while giving the emergency vehicles a clean to pass. If I was the driver of that car I most certainly not would have sped up to a bike after clearly making a decision to stop and I most certainly would not have stopped next to a bike which had nowhere to go.  

A police car leading a fire truck is not anything I have ever seen in Brooklyn. Then all of the vehicles turned right onto Tilden Avenue from Nostrand Avenue. On Nostrand Ave when I crossed Tilden Avenue continuing on my journey I could plainly see that they had come to stop on Tilden Avenue just a few car lengths away from the street of Nostrand. The though did arise to me why the police car was so insistent driving behind me when they only had ½ block to go.

previous twitter banner
previous twitter banner

 ############### email to

 Mark Egan Deputy Chief Bureau of Operations FDNY 9 Metro Tech Center Brooklyn NY 11201

Saturday January 2018 The  24th Day

resulted with an immediate threat

I am including the letter which I sent to someone who reached out to me after I was ran off the road by a fire truck the first time. No more than say 3 minutes passed after I sent my email reply to Mark Egan Deputy Chief Bureau of Operations FDNY 9 Metro Tech Center Brooklyn NY 11201 at the following email address  did an emergency vehicle perhaps 2 blocks from my home turned on its sirens. The vehicle drove slowly down New York Ave just south of my home though the intersection Midwood Street at New York Avenue which does provide the loudest possible delivery of noise to my home short of parking directly behind it.  At, on, and or passing Midwood Street at New York Avenue; as expected; it turned off its siren.


It is my belief that the personal response from an individual at the fire department was to encourage me to send my complaints to a person with intention of erasing my complaints while bombard me with even more threatening aggression until I stopped complaining altogether.  I did realize at a later time that my computer screen was being monitored for it was the desire of my stalker(s) to engage in a   sadomasochistic ritual of constant and ongoing unusual array of unique screams wines squelches and impressively spooky ghostly noises somehow made with the siren or a public address system use to mimic a siren each and every time any content sexual in nature appeared on my computer screen. This included online dating websites both when logging onto and communications with any one which included comments of a sexual nature. I would not describe this as cyber bullying. I would describe this as cyber terrorizing. This behavior has expanded to an unholy number of commercial emergency vehicles. To this very day if speak inside my home when my cellular phone is on without implementing extraordinary security measures which help prevent cyber criminals from eavesdropping the sound inside my home there is an eruption of sirens which often spans multiple neighborhood upon speaking  and during moments when it is completely silent inside my home.

I submit that it is also possible that city authorities who should have been involved in my terrifying escalated complaints never knew what was going on.  Even worse I submit that it is possible they knew and encouraged the people / unions who threaten, stalk & terrorize me to amplify their attacks in retribution of my validated concerns.


On Sunday, January 21, 2018 after I tweeted some provocative information on twitter, a fire truck waited until exactly 1:08 PM, from the near location of approximately Rutland Road and New York Avenue where it then casually traveled a northerly direction on New York Avenue utilizing the same crying siren  introduced to me via the first public humiliation. The digital time display of 1:08 pm most popular deciphers as [I HATE = 1,08]. They drove a couple blocks past my residence on Maple Street before turning off their emergency sirens.  


THE following list is the majority of disturbances by exact times and methods of the day of this post up until publishing time

DBA = Doing Business As

DBA = Behind My Building aka Directly In front of My Bedroom Windows

My logs [spelling is not my major concern]

REGULAR UP AND DOWN – stereotypical siren wave 

DOWN = the only direction of the sirens pitch

Thursday, January 03, 2019


note the number of times that start siren with exact timing down to the second

repeating numbers are popular

24 = my birthday

340 = my home address

9 & 6 are both “G”

8 = hate

  1. Rubicon AMC2 Glenn P. Glenn is Taking a Break
    Rubicon AMC2 Glenn P. Glenn is Taking a Break

    1/3/2019 12:47:06 AM12:47:30 AM helicopter

  2. 1/3/2019 1/3/2019 12:47:49 AM threat lasting exactly 1 minute siren : begins at various mibb
  3. 1/3/2019 02:39:00 AM REGULAR UP AND DOWN ALWAYS STARTS passes by Midwood Street & New York Ave @ 1/3/2019 02:39:30
    1/3/2019 3:01:04 AM begins at very low frequency. The siren is activated twice in concurrent succession. Each time the siren is activated the frequency rises during approximately 2 second period to about 1/6 the value of the highest frequency available.
  4. 1/3/2019 5:08:00 AM REGULAR UP AND DOWN Usually STARTS5:08:53 AM
  5. 1/3/2019 5:24:00 AM this particular event of unusual emergency vehicle siren the pitch of the tone rises and fall uninterrupted 12 to 14 times  however both the value of the maximum and minimum   pitch increased some 20 to 40 percent  to which  the rise being 2 to three times faster  than the fall
  6. 1/3/2019 5:33:01 AM I seem to be sensing the sound of helicopter in the distance trying to stay out of audio detection. It may have been there for quite some time
  7. 1/3/2019 5:49:54 AM REGULAR UP AND DOWN Usual Starting plsce5:50:25 AM
  8. Glenn Patrick Glenn in (1991)
    Glenn Patrick Glenn in (1991)

    1/3/2019 5:51:04 AM

  9. 1/3/2019 6:19:00 AM REGULAR UP AND DOWN Starting   and ending into same location
  10. 1/3/2019 6:24:20 AM helicopter or garbage truck
  11. 1/3/2019 6:39:24 AM this particular event of unusual emergency vehicle siren the pitch of the tone rises extremely fast with a quite slow lowering of pitch. This sounds like bombs falling through the air in perhaps video game
  12. 1/3/2019 6:42:00 AM helicopter sound abruptly appears
  13. 1/3/2019 6:44:00 AM helicopter sound reaches a dramatic peek
  14. 1/3/2019 6:43:00 jet fly’s overhead AM 
  15. 1/3/2019 6:47:20 AM helicopter leaves but returns to its outer annoyance position
  16. 1/3/2019 7:07:12 AM   REGULAR UP AND DOWN Starting in same far distance passes by Midwood street & New York Ave @
  17. 1/3/2019 7:18:00 AM helicopter loud and low vibrating floor from a good distance the sound quickly peeked from nowhere on the exact minute . Which is also in harmonious of the starting of times of   sirens on emergency vehicles
  18. 1/3/2019 7:50:51 AM
  19.  Frequencies. Each time the siren is activated the frequency drops within approximately 1 second to about half the value of the lowest frequency available. This occurs sporadically approximately 3 times every 10 seconds      
  20. 1/3/2019 8:03:30 AM REGULAR UP AND DOWN Starting in same far distance headed straight in my direction
  21. 1/3/2019 8:08:00AM 10 seconds before 8:09 4 or 5 different car horns honked. Each horn implementing a different style and lengths of the those none of them overlapped, 
  22. 1/3/2019 8:12:48 AM extremely loud siren started siren started directly outside my bedroom windows which require knowing in-between which apartment buildings on Midwood Street    have the gap which will send sound directly to my bedroom window  DBA
  23. 1/3/2019 9:01:00 AM long up several
  24. 1/3/2019 9:26:23 AM
  25. 1/3/2019 9:30:30 AM REGULAR UP AND DOWN Starting in same far distance headed straight in my direction
  26. 1/3/2019 9:41:17 AM
  27. 1/3/2019 9:41:41 AM  yet another siren  vehicle started a couple blocks away . Every block it made a couple bombs falling pattern –  the final 2 drops wax directly parked so the sound could travel directly in-between the side of the two building  sending the sound  directly to my bedroom window DBA
  28.  1/3/2019 11:24:00 AM REGULAR UP AND DOWN Starting in same far distance headed
  29. 1/3/2019 12:29 PM 
  30. 1/3/2019 1:23:34 PM helicopter fly by
  31. 1/3/2019 1:28:46 PM
  32. 1/3/2019 1:31:24 PM
  33. 1/3/2019 3:27:00PM REGULAR UP AND DOWN lasing 7 seconds 2 blocks away
  34. 1/3/2019 3:48:48 PM DOWN only sirens
  35. 1/3/2019 3:55:14 PM helicopter heat only blades vibrating the air
  36. 1/3/2019 3:55:35 PM helicopter hear only the engine
  37. 1/3/2019 3:57:30 PM REGULAR UP AND DOWN Starting in same far distance headed passing by

    Let me grab you and shake you around a little bit
    Let me grab you and shake you around a little bit
  38. 1/3/2019 4:09:52 PM moving at about 15 miles an hour passes by my window DBA.after a long slow approach to the block  @4:10 changes to a super loud triple speed  sine wave at a much lower pitch
  39. 1/3/2019 4:20:00 PM REGULAR UP AND DOWN started in same far distance headed passing by
  40. 1/3/2019 4:37:15 PM PM REGULAR UP AND DOWN started in same far distance
  41. 1/3/2019 4:49:29 PM REGULAR UP AND DOWN Starting in same far distance passes by Midwood street & New York Ave @1/3/2019 4:50:07 PM
  42. 1/3/2019 6:59:39 PM firetruck crying and honking its horns on teh corner
  43. Changed website application resulted with a immediate response
  44. 1/3/2019 7:05:10 PM REGULAR UP AND DOWN Starting in same far distance headed straight in my direction but only for 15 sec.
  45. 1/3/2019 7:05:29 PM1 up only DBA
  46. 1/3/2019 7:08:34 PM jet plain landing flying directly over  apt
  47. 1/3/2019 7:09:40PM REGULAR UP AND DOWN Starting in same far distance STOPPING DBA
  48. @1/3/2019 7:10:06 PM
  49. DBA less than 1 minute after i posted this information inside of my website (not yet public) it was one of more annoying sirens which i call [whooping] its much like trying to masturbation with your balls hitting siren switch. .. I imagine OR an infant child banging on the button. I imagine …
  50. 1/3/2019 9:11 PM  DBA slowly drove past my home  in front of my windows REGULAR UP AND DOWN started at the end of my block


NYPD Police Officer Showing Me His Open Pants Zipper SLASHING HIS FLY
NYPD Police Officer Showing Me His Open Pants Zipper FLASHING HIS FLY



Related Images:

About The Author

Glenn P. Glenn | Rick Pantera attacks throughout my home page appear to be “dark web” [RED ROOM] related. People maybe receiving money to (publicly humiliate) & (physically injure) me and my family. I am a major historic (25 years retired) Adult Entertainer icon in the Gay Community and a SAG AFTRA Union . My father started Brown Verses Board OF Education for more than 25 years a massive anti-black sadomasochistic hate group produces and sell videos of them having sex while making abusive & intrusive statements about me and my family. I pay no attention until i was sexually assaulted on my job and then horrible humiliated by my boss in front of the entire staff for reporting being attacked. a few months later I was slapped in the face by my doctor at Gay Mens Health Crises after refusing his sexual advances (rubbing himself.) GMHC will no longer treat me for HIV. AND THEN a , Nurse at Brooklyn Hospital harassed me on the phone. When i reported it the hospital will no longer be my main health care provider for HIV. AND THEN i was attack & mugged in the street while traffic police filmed it. At the hospital (arriving in an ambulance) the emergency intake people said they were not allowed to help me and made horrible jokes... The same jokes as the massive anti-black sadomasochistic hate group. AND THEN I was struck by an hook and ladder fire truck while on my bicycle at a red light traffic stop. Next the fire department began using my street (in front and in back ) as their main corridor of travel and ran their sirens going both to their emergency locations and returning from their original destination. AND THEN the ambulance services began tracking my phone as for over 1 year I have been met (precisely) at corner intersections by both ambulance and fire truck running their sirens. I have tried to make police reports but the police refuse. Now I have found that the like harassment taking place by the anti-black sadomasochistic hate group have been and continue to occur in main street television shows and movie. I fear there is also a large harassment movement in Video Games though I am neither a game player nor doi have the time to explore that area as I am not fighting for my life. I continue to be jumped by strangers in public and last week police spit in my face, violated my privacy while performing a beastly degrading character assassination on camera. Also my medical records have been hacked changing my name to {Patrick} and I have video and audio recordings of police calling me Patrick before I discovered my medical records were hacked. I also have a recording of the hospital worker insisting that my first name is Patrick and refusing to correct my medical records. (my first and last name are legally spelled the same…”GLENN”} I have made a huge number of reports to the FBI and the FBI mostly hangs up in my face when on the telephone. More recently I spoke to one FBI Agent whom told me that the FBI are not first responders and that I need to lawyer. When I call first responders no longer respond and or refuse to make any official documentation of my need for police. For over a month I have been deprived of sleep as ambulances police cars and fire trucks drives silently to my home before flipping on and off their sirens underneath my bedroom windows and then turn off their sirens and scurry away like rats. What is occurring to me must be against the law. is where you may find videos and audio files. I cannot afford an attorney and this harassment is designed to guarantee that I may never acquire an attorney even if I could afford one. I have file nearly 400 hundred nose complaints in two months. the police ignore my complaints while at the same time the police contacted the mental health facility of the local hospital whom offered my their mental heaths services from (one of the hospitals) which ironically previously illegally canceled my services because of my complaint of being verbally harassed during a recorded phone call. SAG AFTRA Union will not speak with me about the international public harassment from the Television Networks and Movie studios Television & Movie Studio's, Magazine & Commercial Agents, Agencies & Advertisers, incorporate this story, in whole and or in part, into the bulk of their products. News agencies monitor the situation and act as a shield which prevents this activity from reaching the public at large. I am the one who makes the difference. I am the one who makes it different. I am the one who is always the one. I am the dream of dreamers. Television & Movie Studio's, Magazine & Commercial Agents, Agencies & Advertisers, incorporate this story, in whole and or in part, into the bulk of their products. News agencies monitor the situation and act as a shield which prevents this activity from reaching the public at large. I am the one who makes the difference. I am the one who makes it different. I am the one who is always the one. I am the dream of dreamers.

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