You Grew Up Laughing at my Father.

Japanese film translated to English

Screen Writers laugh at this attack and Movie Producers fill the film with subliminal messages as sound effects
the most famous death threats in American History


Suck my fat cop.

Police gropes his penis with "heart shaped hands", makes huge masturbation gestures, and repeatedly asks me to take him to my bed room.


F.D.N.Y. E.M.S. Races up to me and stops in the middle of the street to make hand gestures at me as i leave my home. 

CAUGHT ON VIDEO!! New York City Fire Department Stalks Porn Star Rick Pantera

New York Fire Department Emergency Medial Team Races up to me and stops in the middle of the street to make hand gestures at me


A Black police officer Degrades, dehumanizes, assaults, and spits in my face for calling 911

My Mom is Hospitalized

my mother (93 Yeas old) was Hospitalized on Friday, January 3rd 2020 while bleeding 2 days after her birthday. if you would like to send her flowers [READ MORE]

Bring Out… “Your Dad!”, laughs Monty Python

The Attack on My Family is the Media "Holy Grail" Of Fun and Gains!

Glen or Glenda (1953) Death Threat

The official story of the origin of [Glen or Glenda] (1953) is a "famous" Hollywood lie. You will find my information difficult to discredit.

Crack or Jacks

Tasty Description Related Images:


what is the first dirty picture that the schools teach our children to draw This video will explain everything Related Images:

South Brooklyn Legal Services

Wednesday November 13th 2019 south @Brooklyn #Legal Services Regarding HASA @NYCHRA recovering what little money I receive. I mentioned hasa inking large sexual tattoo images drawn on my mailed envelopes courtesy of my case management team… this attorney only focused on simple easy acquirable legal information I cannot provide … ?why do people tell me. […]

“RIP” & “TEAR UP” Rick Pantera (tom green show)

This Particular of Glenn Humplick, Tom Green, & Porn Star Rick Pantera . It is my vague understanding recently that a yellow video has something to do with radiation & or features feet & mansmells which I showed during my carer are perfectly natural & safe desires not to be shamed. The TV show Dirty […]

VIDEO #00 Monday, ‎July ‎23, ‎2018, 11 01 AM ATTACK

In this 1st video a female uniformed officer is seen an heard saying “porn star” and waving her police radio in my direction when a man following her and yelling at her turns and attacks me.  She apparently filmed the attack  with her camera from an unusually distance location which seams to validate the suspects […]

VIDEO #11 Monday, ‎July ‎23, ‎2018, ‏‎12 22 PM ATTACK

July 23, 2018 Attack on My Uncle Henry Clay Glenn Birthday who dies Aug 4th 2018 “So… ,…  happened then… lonely”   these are the words which start  this video!  I a confident that she knows the limitations of what is required for good communication and FIRST THING is she is engaging in an act […]

I am Natural American Born in Topeka, Kansas USA, HIV Positive, Gay, Open Religion, ,Noble, Historic, Important, Vital to the Acting Community, Vital to the Gay Community & Vital to the America the Beautiful, Hero,  Role Model, Well Educated. The Adult Industry Companies, their performers along with their bloggers [all races] are telling people what to value and whom to value. It strongly appears without debate “i & my family” are people whom their are “special laws” which do apply. Everything these monsters publish is focused upon sending an exclusive message of horror. a strong indication of this is the overwhelming fact that no adult website mentions my name and the adult industry has systematic removed me from the history of adult entertainment and what I mean to the industry. A disturbing notation to this information is that mainstream media follows the leads of the adult industry. With an approximate 30 year assault on the truth regarding me and my family to remove me from their history my and my families life are now in danger. Television and movies studies have joined this quest and this means deeps pockets need to be emptied. Many of the television shows and motion pictures are in whole and or large part a plagiary of my life and the current situation which has placed me and my family in peril. My new HomePage is a last ditch attempt to save our lives from the masses of people who now wish to end it. I am a member of SAG-AFTRA. Welcome to GlennGlenn.com

Guests, Members, BOOers N SHOOers

30 years of Death Threats. These porn stars must be stopped!

I took my website off line to install new features to make your experience more attractive. Many of these new features rely on the post categories which have not been reattached to the posts  since this major update. My FanPage Servers an import public interest thus  I have placed my FanPage back online while i continue to program these features for you.

i Mr. Glenn, can not afford an attorney though this is not stopping me from seeking legal representation. I wish to bring to Justus the people and companies whom have with great effort maliciously destroyed  my  life in every way a life can be destroyed and aggressively continue to destroy the natural course of my  existence.  I AM “DEAD MAN WALKING” i am “THE FOLLOWING” , i am “THE TICK” i am  “THE SON OF GODZILLA!!” and now i am an adult i am THE “GODZILLA.” Most 100% of the movies are about my family or and or and about this.  Why do you imagine no reporter, no magazine, no newspaper, nor news station will touch any of the events in my web site or help?  I am tweeting  abc, nbc,cbs, cnn blah blah blah… major TV Networks, CIA, FBI, NYPD, FDNY, Most State Governors, a slew of my Gay Communities hash tags , Adult Gay Sex Tags, and this nations armed forces for help. “No Reply At All https://twitter.com/RickPantera If you are an attorney I welcome your inquiry.

It is difficult for me to open my door and set in front of you only one, (1) tiny item (gracefully). Every time I bring to you my giant balloon full of frustration; pulling tight its neck; making that funny little fart noise as I let a little frustration out; never be surprised if the balloon goes flying from my hand.